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Sr. Does
​​All of my does are 4rth generation- Purebred status and registered with MDGA.   Click the link below the each goat's date of birth to see their MDGA Certificates of Registry to look at thier lineage.   Their Registry numbers are redacted for security reasons.
    "AlyMar Ebony Marie"
         5th Gen. American

           EBONY'S PAGE
Ebony as a newborn with Marilyn Campbell
"Ebony" is our herd  matriarch.  Everyone knows she is boss!  She came to us not having been handled for about a year, due to health problems of the previous owner, so we started milking her a couple of years ago.  Ebony has had 6 kids. One buckling we retained "AutumnWood's Jack Daniels" and 5 doelings, four of which we have retained, one we had included in a trade for Ebony herself.  We are so pleased with her offspring. They all have sweet temperments, beautiful coloring, gorgeous ears and noses, and so far her daughters have had great udders with nice orfices, teat size and placement, and decent capacity.
I look forward to seeing their udders as they grow. Ebony lost one side of her udder when we left town with twins nursing on her. They had nursed on one side only  and she formed a blockage in the teat. She no longer even produces milk on that side. Her other side can sustain  twins and when we milk her we get  1/2 gallon a day out of the one, very nice, long teat!   Ebony gave us a  gorgeous doeling again in 2015, see "Darling Clementine" on our Jr. Doe page.
      Ridge Margarita"
        DOB: 5/09/12
    4rth Gen American
    Maggie's Pedigree

         Maggie Page
"AutumnWood's  Feline"
      DOB: 04/05/2015
 Feline's Pedigree
         Feline's Page
"AutumnWood's Moonshine"
 DOB:  04/05/2013
         Moonie's Pedigree

             Moonie's Page
  AutumnWood's Sassafras
            DOB: 4/12/14

         Sassy's Pedigree
              Sassy's Page