AutumnWood Mini-Nubians
Sales / Shipping
 SALES:  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RETAIN ANY GOATS   (not saying for the right price, I couldn't part with the animal, but usually not.  I'm usually pretty sure who I want to retain and why, and have worked hard for that animal.  With a $50 deposit, that is applied to the purchase price,  you can reserve a kid before or after it is born.  It is a first come first serve basis as far as from which doe or buck you would like a kid.  I will do my best to provide you with exactly what you would like but, of course I don't control mother nature.  It's really hard to make it all fair so hopefully, I won't sell them ALL before they are born.  It's easier to put them on the website and on facebook after they are born and say... READY, SET, GO!!!  It would still then be, first come, first serve.

SHIPPING: I would prefer NOT to ship my goats.  I think it is stressful for them and frankly a pain, however I have had actually had several animals shipped to me and shipped several out myself.  I prefer to ship via airlines depending on the time of year and distance the goat has to travel.  I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with shipping with the special VIP airline programs.  It is expensive, and at 100%  BUYER's expense.  I have had one experience shipping a goat via a ground "transporter" (set up by buyer) with terrible results.  The van was unreliable and broke down and the goat was in the car an extra day. If you plan to ship one of my goats to you, PLEASE check out the reputation and conditions of your ground transport.  I do prefer that buyers come to my farm, or at least meet me in the nearest major city or thouroughfare for pickup. I can also meet ground transport in Reno, or Sacramento.   In that situation I would only charge for gas and a fee for time, depending on how far I travel.
     Shipping and transport is to be arranged by you the buyer. Please be kind and ask me  what dates are convient for me to take your goat to the airport or to meet the transporter.  If you are shipping your goat via plane, please check ALL the rules as there are MANY.  You will need to send me money to purchase a crate for shipping.  I am aware and experienced at buying the proper crate and will even try to find an appropriate safe crate for your goat on craigslist if possible. It will also need a portable bowl for water (required by the airlines) that attaches to the crate, at your expense.  I will provide bedding, fresh hay, a collar and leash (as a thank you gift), and all documentation required.  I will arrange the vet certification but the BUYER is responsible for all fees related to the vet cert. (usually good for 10-30 days, depending on the state.  It is YOUR responsibility to know what tests are required for any stateline your goat may cross, for ground transport, or for the state the goat lands in at the airport.  I have a scrapies number and will attatch it to the collor of the goat.  We are NOT required to place the tag in the goat's ear! These are dairy goats, not meat goats, and are show goats and we have spoken with the FDA and they have permitted us not to tag our goats.   If you are shipping via airline, you will need to paypal the required fees to my e-mail, so that I can pay for the fees at the airport.  A $25 dollar fee will be required by me to ship via the Reno Airport for gas, parking fee, and fee for trolly to put the crate on. (That is generous as it does not include the time we take, often early in the AM, during the workday, or in our evening, to ship the goat)  There is a lot involved so be prepared for a lot of communication.
    So, as you can see,  if you live within a 8-10 hour radius of Reno, NV, it is really EASIER and FAR CHEAPER to come get your little goat!  It is way more fun as well bonding with them in the car!  We have driven to pick up numerous animals. We spent 3 days picking up an Alpaca near Canada, which I brought back in the back of my Expedition. Boy was that a trip but beautiful!  I also knew he was SAFE in my car  so... food for thought. Those of you who live further away, I will ship to you but remember, it's all above and beyond the price of the goat, and I will not lower the price to compensate for shipping. Sorry...