AutumnWood Mini-Nubians
Mini-Nubian Goats
    I started raising Mini-Goats (Nigerians) in 2008, but found the amount of milk I got from them, the tiny teats, and the kink that I would get in my neck milking them, was just not attractive to me.  Having raised Standard Nubians throughout my childhood, and loving them, I started my hunt for my first breeding pair of Mini-Nubians. Voi' la!  The PERFECT GOAT!!  I love their temperment, EARS, NOSES, long teats, capacious udders and epsecially, thier SIZE!  My does now average around 26 inches. I am aiming for 25 inches for my does and under 29 inches or less for my bucks. That is the perfect size to place a milk bucket under and we consistently get, usually after the first year, a gallon of milk a day from our does.
     I am breeding for tight, well attached, capacious udders with nicely placed, fairly long teats, with nice orifices, that allow me and my entire family milk the goats.  Milking goats is not necessarily a skill passed down from generation to generation anymore, so I want the goats I breed to make it possible for the tiniest hands, or an arthritic person, to be rewarded easily with a stream of milk into the pail.  I also train my does to be good girls on the milk stand.  I can bring them in from anywhere and they are trained to jump on the stand, eat their delicious, hand mixed rations, and stay still until we are done.  You know the saying "don't cry over spilled milk"!  Well, WE DO!!   (Not saying an occasional fly bite, or a jumpy first freshener hasn't put afoot in the pail!!)
       I am a RN ,BSN,  IBCLC (International Lactation Consultant) and I strongly believe in giving my children, healthy, hormone free, milk, from animals that I have fed well, cared for, tested, and loved.   My herd is tested annually for CAE/CL/Johnnes and are all negative and abscess free.    ALL OF MY GOATS ARE G6S Normal by direct testing or parentage!
    I have obtained goats from some of the best foundation herds in the country, inc: Echo Hills, Green Gables, Paradise Farm, Blue Oaks, Cornerstone, and Hidden Creek.  I also believe that there are MANY small breeders out there that have worked hard and they carefully  select from their best, and purchase the best, so am more than happy to buy from the small breeder as well.  Their goats tend to be friendly, well cared for, tested and of great quality.  I hope that I am one of those farms and hope to put "AUTUMNWOOD FARM"  on the map, for exceptional Mini-Nubians!  
                                  My website is a work in progress, therefore it has taken me 10 years to make, please check back often!  
      Just a side note.  I do not breed specifically for "spots", "blue eyes", "polled", or "tiny-itty bitty goats".  I breed for exceptional milk genetics, breed standard, inc. LONG beautiful ears, roman noses, and friendly well tempered, manageable small (MDGA regulation sized ) goats.
                                                                                   " Fads change", the foundation of a good goat, shouldn't.
                         (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE "SPOTS" and do like them when I get them, and polled would be great!  I might be in  my herd,                                                                                        but won't sacrifice milk quality just to get them!")

                                                                                            Katie Scott and Family, owners of AutumnWood Farm