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We have been raising mini-nubian dairy goats since 2007, and have loved every minute of it!  Mini-Nubians are a nice mid-sized goat. They are a cross of the Standard Nubian goat and the Nigerian Dwarf Goat.
 The Does average a range of 22-28 inches and Bucks Range 24-30 inches in height.  They are easier to handle than a full sized Nubian.  In my experience they can produce up to a gallon of milk a day and the milk is sweet and delicious.  We, as a family, digest the milk much easier than cow's milk and make cheese, icecream, butter, and yogurt.  Others enjoy making soap, as well,  which is WONDERFUL for the skin!  I find my goats to be very easy keepers, eat smaller amounts than a full size goat, and are, with proper human interaction, they are extremely friendly and fun!!    They come in a beautiful array of colors and have soft pendulous ears and beautiful roman noses.   Please enjoy glancing at my herd.  All of my goats are tested for CAE, CL and Johnne's disease annually and are negative.
I brought home a beautiful breeding pair of unregistered KuneKune piglets in May. They are named "Blossom" and "Copper".  Unfortunately, "Copper" passed away in July. We are suspicious of a snake bite, or heart failure, as there were no outward problems and he appeared very healthy.  We are very sad about the loss, as is "Blossom".  We have put a deposit down for another Boarling that we will be picking up late August. We hope to have a litter sometime next year.  These are not "show" pigs, and they will be sold for the average farmer that wants them as a pasture pet, or meat.  They can make a wonderful pet pasture pig, or for other people whom raise pigs on farms, they have wonderful tasting marbled meat and are a manageable size to process yourself. 
They are absolutely adorable!! (Which may make them harder to eat in the long run!)  Looking forward to this new endeavor!