AutumnWood Mini-Nubians
Ebony Page
Ebony's Sire: Cornerstone Farm Expresso
Sire's Dam's: Cornerstone Farm Dazzzle Me
Ebony's Dam:
AlyMar SS Angelina Rose
First Freshening udder nursing twins. 
Dam's Sire: Blue Oak's Silversmith
Dam's Dam: AlyMar Julie Rose
Sire's Sire: Hidden Creek's Theodore Roosevelt
Sire's Dam's Udder:  Dazzle Me" about 7 years old currently nursing twins and being milked.
A Few of Ebby's Beautiful Offspring
Ebony's ff Udder
As was stated before Ebony lost one side of her udder in 
her second freshening nursing twins, while we were out
of town. I was never able to get pictures of it after these
two photos were taken. She has always provided plenty
of milk for her offspring. She easily milks 1/2 gal a day 
from her one teat that has an easy to milk orfice. I imagine 
her udder would look very much like her sire's dam's udder.
Due to the fact that Ebony's offspring have beautiful, easy to 
 milk, capacious, well attached udders, we continued to breed her and are very proud and impressed with her offspring. She throws her beautiful breed character, with long bell shaped  ears, impressive roman nose and a very level topline. She is now 28" tall, at 5 years old, but when we bought her she was  26.75 inches tall at over a year old.  Her offspring all stay well within the MDGA ht. requirements and have yet to go over 26 inches at 3 years old. Ebony also has the ability to maintain her condition easily while nursing or being milked and is always a beautiful  glossy black that throws "spots" and various colors!