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I Love my "Three Musketeers".   Soon it will be four!  I will be adding little "Goat Trails Texas Wrangler" in a month or so.   He is coming via airplane from Texas to Reno, bringing me some very nice Green Gables lines.  I am very happy with the three bucks I have now. Bootlegger joined us from Echo Hills.  His son, Jack Daniels, is amazing, as well.  Joining us from California, a couple years ago, is "Paradise Cowboy", bringing additional amazing milk lines to our little herd.
"Echo Hill's Ruby's Bootlegger"
           DOB: 03/04/2010
              5th Generation     
Booty's Pedigree
                Booty's Page  
                 "AutumnWood's Jack Daniels"
DOB: 05/12/12
 Jack's Pedigree
                                Jack's Page
                    "Paradise Cowboy"
                     DOB: 03/21/2013
                      5th Generation

                 Cowboy's Pedigree
                      Cowboy's Page
                      " Goat Trail's Texas Wrangler"
                                DOB: 03/10/2015
                                 5th Generation
                                  Tex's Pedigree

                                      Tex's Page