AutumnWood Mini-Nubians
Breeding Schedule
This is a tentative breeding plan for 2018 kids. Breeding plans are subject to change. If you would like to reserve a kid from a particular breeding, I do require a $50 deposit. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!  I do have several kids reserved from last year, for this year. When you contact me, I will let you know where you stand on the list.  Deposit will NOT be returned if doe produces a kid of the gender that you were looking for, and you choose not to take kid, based on color, or any other trait that is a "preference".    ​ ​See individual pages for genetics and udder shots of dam.   Pricing is based on Generation/Quality/Proven Status.

MilkCreek Ridge Margarita  
   Echo Hill's Ruby's Bootlegger

    Due Date: 4/16/18
               Kid's will be 5th Gen American- $600
Maggie won Grand Champion 2016 in Reno
    Reserve v-show Champion. Maggie has produced six beautifully moonspotted bucklings, always gives me over a gallon a day!      
AutumnWood's Sassafras X Goat Trail's Texas Wrangler
              Due Date:  3/28/2018
     Kids will be Purebred: $550
"Sassafrass won Reserve Champion Miniature Nubian 2016 in Reno"  Echo Hills, Green Gables

 Goat Trail's Calico "Cali"
Goat Trail's Texas Wrangler "Tex"

           Due Date: 4/9/18
           Kids will be Purebred: $550
Calico is Blue eyed Polled 6th Generation       She has  great milk genetics on both sides.  
AutumnWood's Jazmin
Goat Trail's Texas Wrangler

              Due Date:4/4/18     
              Purebred: $500      
AutumnWood's Spiced Rum"
Green Gable's Leonardo Da Vinci
5th Generation

 Due Date:  4/16/18
Son of Green Gable's Trillium

AutumnWood's Swiss Miss x
Green Gable's Leonardo Da Vinci

Due Date 5/24/18
5th Generation: $500
Son of Green Gable's Trillium

Goat Trail's Chardonnay
AutumnWood's Buckshot

Due Date: 4/30/218
    Purebred Status: $450
                     Moonspots possible, MILK                  
Goat Trail's Blissful Brie
AutumnWood's Buckshot

Due Date:4/30/2018
Purebred Status: $450
                                                                       Moonspots Possible, Milk