AutumnWood Mini-Nubians
by Katie on April 6th, 2015

My little Boar is finally born!!  I will be able to pick him out in the next couple of weeks as we see them develop and see their personalities develop.  Thank you Amy Whitlock!  I'm so excited to pick him up in Oregon in a couple of months!!  I need help thinking of Easter Sunday "Boy Pig" names!!???  Anyone?

by Katie on March 20th, 2015

My husband picked up 20 pullets today.  The little girls can't hardly leave them alone!

Posted on March 18th, 2015

Darling Clementine

by Katie on March 14th, 2015

Here is my new birthing center.  Well it's not actually new, I've been using it for years but I finally painted it and it looks new.

I thought the barn star was a nice touch.  If I can't have a big beautiful barn then I will have to be content with this little shack that I can see from my kitchen window.  We call that particular window, "goat tv".

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