AutumnWood Mini-Nubians
About Us
            Welcome to AutumnWood Family Farm and the Scott  Family.
    We moved to Palomino Valley, Nevada in 2005. we bought the land in it's raw state and put power, well, septic, a modular home, four children, and numerous farm critters on it. Voi' La ! Our Family Farm!  We love being out of the city, about 25 miles, where the sky is big and stars are bigger. We love the peace, quiet, and privacy.  We have four beautiful children. A son and three beautiful daughters. We have horses, alpacas, llamas, chickens, turkeys, pigs, dogs, a cat, and of course, our beautiful Mini-Nubian goats. Katie is a RN, IBCLC at a local hospital and works as a Lactation Consultant. Todd has an IT business. We are always on the go, but prefer life that way.
This website is always a work in progress, so check back often!!